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Dig The Vibe

Aug 11, 2017

Did the baggy pants generation and grunge scene kill testosterone pushed rock 'n roll? It might have in Art's high school but he hung strong with the last of the metal heads by trolling Green Day songs during the battle of the bands. Joel likes his packets juicy and learned many years ago not to spin AC/DC records on his Fisher Price Portable Record Player. Grab a flannel and join the guys as they recommend great records reminiscent of Nirvana. 

Recommended Albums

  • At Action Park  | Shellac
  • Bruised Music, Volume 2  | Tenement
  • Three Men And A Baby  | Mike & The Melvins
  • A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings  | Beach Slang
  • Miracle Of Sound In Motion  | Steel Pole Bath Tub
  • Life Without Sound  | Cloud Nothings
  • Why Love Now  | Pissed Jeans
  • One Week Record  | Chris Cresswell


  • Strawberry Shake-o-Matic | Junkyard Brewing Company
  • Juice Packets | The Fermentorium

Record Collecting

  • Ten new records is apparently a slow two weeks for Art
  • First record Joel ever owned is finally back in his collection. The original copy is scratched up too bad from his then Fisher Price Portable Record Player.


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